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Already 2000 years ago, our ancestors believed Kombucha to be divine, and referred to it as the Tea of Immortality. People in some places in North Russia live to be over 100 or 130 years old still happy and active. In Manchuria where the mushroom possibly originated, there are no reported cases of cancer! People living in those regions are known for having Kombucha tea in their diet daily for hundreds of years.

Nowadays, Kombucha is one of the most popular health drinks well known for its powerful natural cleansing effect. Kombucha tea has a nice refreshing taste similar to apple cider and has been praised for supporting natural balance and vitality of the body.

Thank you for stopping by! On this Site you can find lots of interesting and useful information about one of the most famouse natural remedies called Tea Mushroom Kombucha, and get all you need to start makin this incredible health drink at home for almost no cost!

The process is very simple! Put Kombucha in a sweetened tea and wait for about a week. Soon you will see a baby mushroom grow on top of the tea which indicates bacterial activity of the culture. Let it ferment to your liking, and enjoy the wonderful gift of Nature that has been used around the world for centuries!

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Absolutely best product! Very happy with this choice. Cultures fermented perfect...Thanks a lot!!!

~ Dave, WA

Thank you so much for providing me with the best Kombucha experience!

~ Annie, Lodi NJ

I received my order in two days in a nice heat-sealed bag. Next day I started my first batch and in a week I had delicious kombucha tea with the new mushroom on top! Wow, it was awesome! I'm your customer forever!

~ Yanita, NJ

Hi, My cultures made it to Australia! They are in exellent condition. I cant wait to start brewing! Great thank you, very much...

~Jessica, Australia

Thank you very much for your great email support! You helped me with every step and also a big thank you for the cultures. They are the best! I'd definitely recommend them to others!

~ Harlee, Florida

Dear AZ Kombucha, thank you very much for the great culture, great service, and lightning-fast shipping ..

~ Sabrina, IA

Thank you very much! You cultures are of exellent quality... they both germinated right away! The instructions are great!

- Michael, WA


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