Welcome to Kombucha Splash

Kombucha is an easy to make at home health drink.  Kombucha is packed with natural bioactive compounds that include organic acids, vitamins, probiotics, sugars, polyphenols, and antioxidants. Growing Kombucha at home is giving you chance to make any flavor you want and control how much sugar you want to use.
It is an easy and enjoyable process. You will see how new culture is forming on top of the brew and getting bigger every day! 
Our cultures are very active and guarantied to grow, They come FRESHLY harvested and sealed in a food grade plastic bag, Happy and ready to travel to new home!

They come with strong starter tea - ORGANIC.
Provided with Easy-to-follow brewing instructions.

All our cultures are - Never refrigerated or dehydrated!
Grown using only the highest quality ingredients.

From the Master Brewer with love and care.