AZ Kombucha cultures are grown in separate glass containers with 100% USDA certified Organic sugar and blend of Organic Black and Green Tea.  No disturbance is allowed during the process of fermentation! We respect Kombucha delicate nature and provide it with the best treatment possible. AZ Kombucha mushrooms are pure and easy to brew with! Love and knowledge we use growing Kombucha have gained our cultures a reputation of an excellent quality!

We share knowledge and experience with all those who want to benefit from this amazing gift of Nature!

Shipping & Return

AZ Kombucha cultures are packed in the quality food grade plastic bags that are heat sealed to avoid leaks. To protect cultures from squeezing, the bags are placed in the shipping boxes or bubble envelopes. Each culture bag is filled with Kombucha starter tea, a liquid essential for brewing Kombucha. Do not discard the tea, you will need it for your first batch! Cultures are shipped same or next business day. Cultures may vary in shape and sizes.

To ensure the best customer experience, we will accept the returns within 30 days from the date of purchase. To issue a refund, a product needs to be verified as being defective, was received damaged, or was not the correct item ordered.

We guarantee quality!

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AZ Kombucha


I am in love with our green planet!.

- Yuliya Tingley-Harper