Thank you very much! You cultures are of exellent quality... they both germinated right away! The instructions are great! - Michael, WA

Thank you very much for your great email support! You helped me with every step and also a big thank you for the cultures. They are the best! I'd definitely recommend them to others! ~ Harlee, Florida

Thank you very much for the beautiful culture you sent to me! It started fermenting my brew right away... and the instructions were easy to follow! Thanks again! I want to recommend you to the people I know. ~ David, NYC

I received my order in two days in a nice heat-sealed bag. Next day I started my first batch and in a week I had delicious kombucha tea with a new mushroom on top! Wow, it was awesome! AZ Kombucha, you are great… I'm your customer forever ~ Yanita, NJ

Thank you so much for providing me with the best Kombucha experience! ~ Annie, Lodi NJ

Dear AZ Kombucha! I received your mushroom as a gift from my friend and it worked for me perfect! I am very thankful to my friend and you for this wonderful gift! ~ Raahi, India

I couldn't believe it.. my mushroom made it to Russia and it is beautiful! You are great..Thank you very much!
~ Lilian, Moscow Russia

Thank you very much AZ Kombucha! I tried to brew my tea with the cultures from two different sources but they didn't work for me. Your culture worked right away. The tea is exellent.. it helps my digestion. I also rinse my hair with kombucha vinegar and it lookes much healthier now!~ G, Maryland

Great job AZ Kombucha! Exellent service...I was impressed! ~ N, OR

I just ordered 
two more of your cultures after receiving my first order today. They are of exellent quality! I want to give them to my friends. Thank You. ~ Paul C.


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