What is an ideal temperature for brewing Kombucha?

The ideal temperature for brewing Kombucha is about 75ºF, lower than 70ºF makes the process of fermentation longer and gives more chances for mold to grow. Temperature higher than 80 degrees makes yeast grow faster than bacteria and thus puts the fermentation out of balance.

How can I get more fizz in my tea?

Fizz is a result of the activity of the yeasts and depends on the time, temperature and the type of tea used for brewing. Green tea increases carbonation, but it tastes better when it mixed with black. To get more fizz, give your tea more time to ferment and increase the temperature to about 80 degrees. When you start noticing the bubbles, low the temperature back down to 75 degrees to keep the fermentation in balance.

Can I wash a jar with antibacterial soap?

The answer is NO. Antibacterial soap, if even a little trace of it left in the jar, can kill the entire culture. Wash it with a regular detergent and rinse well with water.

Is Kombucha tea safe for the people with diabetes?

The sugar provides food and energy for the culture to grow. At the end of the fermentation most of the sugar content is converted into beneficial substances -- organic acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals associated with the remarkable health benefits of Kombucha. You can take smaller portions of the tea or let the tea ferment a little longer (but not too long!) to make it more sour and consult your physician.

Can I use Splenda instead of sugar?

Splenda can not be used in the brewing because of its chemical origin. Artificial sweeteners can not ferment.

Can I eat the mushroom?

Kombucha “mushroom” is a symbiotic culture (not a true mushroom) which is used only for brewing the tea - Not for eating! There are no records indicating that it is good for you to eat it.

What should I do if there is mold in the tea?

Do not drink the tea! Throw it out and start your next batch with a new culture and follow the directions carefully.

How much Kombucha should I drink?

Well, if you take Kombucha for the first time, it is recommended to start with 4 oz to let the body adjust, and later gradually increase the amount. There are people who take Kombucha a liter a day, but it is not for everybody. “Everything in moderation” always is a good idea!

If you take Kombucha on the regular basis, drink plenty of water. Glucaric acid – a powerful detoxifier found in Kombucha – makes your liver work hard getting rid of the toxins and water helps move them out of the body.

What type of sugar is better for Kombucha?

Most people prefer refined white sugar. It is completely fermentable and produces drink with a better taste and higher content of healthy organic acids than other types of sugar. Brown sugar is less popular because it contains molasses and produces tea with stronger vinegary taste and darker cloudy color.

Why did my new mushroom sink to the bottom of the jar?

It happens when you accidentally move or shake the jar during fermentation, especially during the first few days. In order to reproduce itself the culture needs peacefulness. Any disturbance will slow down the fermentation. Every time when the new mushroom sinks to the bottom, another one starts growing. If you move the jar again, the story will repeat. So, it is better to leave it alone for about a week.

May I use flavored teas for brewing?

Flavored teas are not recommended for brewing Kombucha. They contain essential oils that can kill or badly affect the culture (Earl Grey, for example, contains Bergamot oil) and cause mold. Better to avoid them.

May I use honey for brewing Kombucha?

Absolutely! Honey is one of the best sweeteners for Kombucha brewing. It gives the tea very pleasant taste, pure color and increases the fermentation, and on the top of it, honey will add to your tea all of its wonderful nutrients!

How to know when the tea is ready?

The tea is generally ready when it obtains a semi-sweet cider taste, a slight vinegar aroma and is fizzy. The pH of the generally ready drink is somewhere between 3 and 4. Usually it takes about 9 days depending on temperature.

Is it important to use pH strips to measure the acidity?

If you are a first time brewer, you might need to use pH strips to determine when the tea is ready to bottle. I myself used them at the beginning for a couple of times. After you get your first initial experience you’ll be able to determine the proper pH by the taste of your tea (sour or vinegary) and adjust it to your liking.

What to do with Kombucha when I go on vacation?

When you go on vacation, put your Kombucha culture in a glass jar with some Kombucha tea and place the jar in the refrigerator. The Kombucha will stay there fresh and happy up to two months, waiting for your return. But do NOT freeze the culture, it will die. Better give it away!


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